United Nations Island Plastic Reduction Project

On June 24, 2020, Ms. Valerie Cliff, Assistant Agency of the United Nations Development Programme and Asia Pacific Bureau, along with Wang Xin, Executive Director of GGTC, signed a cooperation agreement in Manchester. According to the agreement, the United Nations Development Programme will coordinate the resources of the Maldives government. The GGTC will be responsible for appointing a green technology team and providing think tank consulting services. In the Maldives, we will implement a full ecological circular island construction plan with the core goal of "plastic restricted, waste-free, and low-carbon". The initial project funding is US$500,000 and the vision funding is US$4.5 million, with GGTC as the lead execution. In 2025, the Maldivian islands will reach the target of “completely restricting plastic, recycling waste exceeds 85%, reducing carbon oxide emissions by 50%”.

GGTC and the United Nations have positive confidence in the prospects of the island’s plastic reduction project. The two parties agreed to cooperate in 42 island countries in the world that urgently need environmental governance after accumulating considerable experience in the Maldives demonstration islands.