Global Network


GGTC's global system includes 4 parts: a public institution which is Global Green Technology Center, an operating company which is Wuxi Jicui Green Information Technology Co., Ltd., a provincial R&D centre which is JITRI-WWF Green Technology Development Centre, and an international NGO which is the Global (Singapore) Centre for Green Technology Development. The 4 parts are responsible for GGTC’s R&D sector, incubation and operation sector, national project implementation sector and international affairs sector respectively. GGTC also has project and liaison offices in Beijing, Bangkok and Munich.

In Wuxi, China, GGTC has its administration & operation headquarter, which is located on the 9th floor of OK City Plaza in Huishan District. The headquarter has 1,800 m2 of exclusive office space and 10 exclusive apartments for talents and experts. The head office has rooms for the Board of Directors/Board of Councils, R&D support, Accounting, Media and Public Relationship, Policy Research, International Business Support and other departments. The headquarter is the “nervous centralis system” of the GGTC global system, providing logistic and administration support for global businesses and innovation platform for incubated businesses.