International Cooperation

We live in a world where sustainable development is no longer a luxury but a global agenda where governments and the private sector join hands to drive fundamental changes in the way we consume earth’s limited resources and satisfy our developmental needs. At the Global Green Technology Center, we engage key institutional actors and technology partners to enhance the role of industry in achieving the UN SDGs.

The GGTC believes strongly that green technology forms part of the solution to many of humanity’s challenges, and that rapid evolution in this field is such that no one can drive change alone. Therefore, the GGTC fosters cooperation across national borders by working with international institutions including the UN Environment Programme, UN Development Programme, and the World Wildlife Fund, as well as nationally-funded research platforms like the National University of Singapore Graduate Research Innovative Programme (NUS GRIP).

We benefit from access to promising deep tech start-ups from world leading universities,a formidable pipeline of sustainable projects and investment opportunities, and channels of communication with vibrant investment communities.