GGTC Was Invited to Participate in the Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the United Nations

On the evening of October 30, 2020, a commemorative event for the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations hosted by the United Nations system in China was held in Beijing. GGTC was invited to participate as an important partner of the United Nations Development Program.

Beijing carried out a comprehensive treatment of zero-waste treatment in homestay tourist area, GGTC won a 750,000 CNY technical service contract

On July 15, 2020, GGTC won a technical service contract at Cuandixia homestay tourist area, providing zero-waste pattern consulting. The contract amount is 750,000 CNY.

GGTC sent staff to deliver training on waste-free treatment technology in Sanya and joined hands with UNDP to contribute to a sustainable and green future

On July 17 and 21, at the invitation of Sanya city, GGTC appointed an excellent expert to conduct the technology hall, which had been successfully carried out, and the training had achieved good social effects.

GGTC was invited to attend the Global Youth Green Innovation Summit and YGT 2020 Global Finals

YGT innovation summit aims to jointly explore solutions for future long-term development and provide innovative practical samples for the in-depth promotion of the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy. Susan Xu, head of GGTC R&D department, was invited to attend the event.

Investment Committee Chairman of GGTC Kevin Wang led Ameba Capital to win reputation again

Ameba has been named to the TOP 10 early stage investors in the 21st Century Business Herald's 2019-2020 Consumer Services Investment Competitiveness List.

GGTC launched the growth empowerment training in July to help green enterprises win at the starting line

In the process of communicating with many entrepreneurs, we found that many of them encountered various difficulties in doing business and capital planning. Most of the time, entrepreneurs focus on digging deep into their own products and technology research and […]

UNDP and GGTC signed a strategic cooperation agreement aiming at the construction of a waste-free and low-carbon island in Maldives

On June 24, 2020, Valerie Cliff, Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Cynthia Wang, Executive Director of the Global Green Technology Center (GGTC), signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement in Bangkok on behalf of UNDP and GGTC respectively. The two parties are determined to jointly promote the construction of a non-waste and low-carbon island in Maldives.

The ambassador of Colombia to Singapore hosted a banquet for welcoming Dr. Jok Tin Tan, President of GGTC,accompanied by Chun Yew Wong, Minister of Overseas Cooperation Department

Manuel Solano, the ambassador of the Republic of Colombia to Singapore, hosted a banquet for GGTC President Jok Tin Tan on March 19, 2020, accompanied by GGTC Minister Chun Yew Wong. Colombia's trade commissioner to Singapore Juan Carlos Jimenez attended the banquet.

Whether liquid nitrogen freezing Technology can save Endangered species

With the unfortunate death of the only female Rafetus in China after its fifth artificial indoctrination at Suzhou Zoo, the “extremely endangered” animal is known to have only three left in the world, known as the “loneliest animal in the […]