GGTC Overview

Global Green Technology Center (GGTC), which was founded in October 2019, is an international green technology research and development (R&D) platform. GGTC is jointly built by Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Government of Huishan District, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Currently, it has three major R&D and commercialization directions such as green new materials, dynamic air monitoring and ecological restoration design of water resources. GGTC is committed to becoming the international leading comprehensive service provider of green technology R&D, natural ecological restoration and sustainable development solutions.

In December 2019, Portuguese-Indonesian artist Kusuma won the bid to design the GGTC logo. The four letters of GGTC form a Chinese classical window and constitute a semi-closed loop structure. A letter T-shaped green seedling is being nurtured. The LOGO expresses GGTC's vision of opening the window for the world development of cutting-edge science and technology as well as cultivating the green future.